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About us

About us

Rausch_Juergen_Robert_0137_06_Fond_RGBFor nearly 100 years, the Rausch family business has represented the manufacture of high-quality, exceptional chocolates, with experience, care and innovation. Managing Director Robert Rausch, the fifth generation of family to manage the company, and his father Jürgen Rausch implement the long-standing company’s principles of never compromising on quality and always promoting sustainability.

Wilhelm Rausch Junior founded Rausch Privat-Confiserie ‘for the production of premiumchocolates, pralines and honey cake’ in Berlin in 1918. The Rausch family’s vision has been to make people happy with premium chocolates ever since.

With innovative chocolate creations, the company is always reinventing itself, whilst maintaining its standards of unrivalled quality at all times. Wilhelm Rausch Junior’s creation of the wafer-thin bars in 1926 and Jürgen Rausch’s development of pure Rausch Plantagen-Schokoladen in 1998 have continually advanced the company’s success story. Both the flavour innovations and the chocolate formats are setting trends. The Sticks of pure Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade developed
in 2004 are still a successful product to this day.

A new production facility was built in Wolframstraße in Berlin-Tempelhof in 1968 on the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary. The Rausch factory and connected factory outlet are still located there today.

Jürgen Rausch, who as Managing Director has been running the family business since 1981, acquired the traditional chocolate manufacturer Fassbender in Berlin at the end of the 80s, thus laying the groundwork for the Fassbender & Rausch chocolaterie at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin, which opened its doors in 1999. The Rausch chocolaterie was expanded in 2006 to make room
for the chocolate restaurant and chocolate cafe on the first floor.

In 1982, Rausch added a production facility in Peine, Lower Saxony, where you’ll also find a chocolate museum, a chocolate workshop and a chocolate cafe with factory outlet a t SchokoLand.

Robert Rausch joined the company in 2011 and has been managing the family business along with his father since 2015.

Rausch GmbH adapted its approach in 2015 and now focuses on direct business online and offline. In the future, Rausch will concentrate on its brand core and Fassbender & Rausch will be known simply as Rausch.

Rausch’s quality promise
The demand for unrivalled quality, sustainability, absolute transparency and freshness forms the foundation for the company’s philosophy and R ausch GmbH’s new strategic approach. 

Rausch products have only been available for purchase through the company since October 2015. The Rausch chocolaterie and Rausch online shop are the building blocks of the direct business. Rausch GmbH has dedicated itself to the ‘tree to door’ approach and therefore oversees the cocoa bean’s entire journey from the cocoa plant on the fine flavour cocoa plantation
to sale of the products to customers.

Focusing on direct business online and offline is the best way to monitor our high-quality chocolates until they reach the customer as well as to ensure the quality promise is fully implemented. Direct business has allowed Rausch to share the story behind the products with its customers and enter into a personal dialogue with them.

With its purity regulation and the use of sustainable, premium raw materials, Rausch is living up to its claim that a chocolate can only be as good as the ingredients it contains. Since the end of the 90s, Rausch has been sourcing most of its single-origin fine flavour cocoas directly from the plantations in their specific regions, maintaining a partnership based on trust with the cocoa farmers. Only approximately 5% of the world’s harvest is rare, delectable fine flavour cocoas, which boast multifaceted, characteristic flavours. All directly sourced fine flavour cocoas bear the Rausch quality seal ‘Direct Trade’.

Siegel-Direct-TradeWe source our fine flavour cocoas directly from plantations and know each partner personally. By promoting a partnership based on trust and avoiding middlemen, we can guarantee the cocoa farmers prices well over the global market average. Working closely with the cocoa farmers, we can ensure quality control even during cultivation.

 Company data

Established: 1918
Founder: Wilhelm Rausch jun.
Managing Directors: Jürgen und Robert Rausch
Locations: Rausch Schokoladenhaus
Charlottenstraße 60
10117 Berlin

Rausch Manufaktur
Wolframstraße 95–96
12105 Berlin
Employees in Berlin: 100
Phone: +49 30 757 880


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