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How Plantagen-Schokolade made using fine flavour cocoa tastes


How the aroma of fine flavour cocoas develops can be explained in terms of taste:


Aroma development precursory stage


The cocoa seeds inside the ripe pods are normally still inedible, bitter and highly astringent (causing a rough, ‘furry’ sensation in the mouth). In contrast, the pulp of fine flavour cocoas – the white-coloured flesh that surrounds the seeds – is surprisingly aromatic, sweet and fruity, somewhat reminiscent of lychee.


Aroma development


Through a natural fermentation and drying process, seeds become cocoa beans. They obtain their characteristic brown colour and lose their bitter astringency. The characteristics of a fine flavour cocoa variety, whether mild and nutty, fruity and tangy or spicy and nutty, are already discernible at this precursory stage.


Aroma development


When the cocoa nibs are roasted, new flavour compounds are formed. The variety-specific aroma can clearly be tasted – it is no longer bitter and not yet sweet, but pleasantly spicy. Cocoa nibs are ideal for cooking or garnishing dishes and salads.


The highest aroma level


Fine flavour cocoas are the main ingredient in top-quality chocolate. The striking flavour profile of each variety defines the chocolate, ensuring that its origin can be ›tasted‹.

Discovering the variety-specific aromas of each Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade, and comparing the chocolates to one another, represents truly sublime pleasure.

35% Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

    Madang province

    Kul Kul fine flavour cocoa

Discover the multifaceted character of this Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade

39% Madagascar


    Ambanja region

    Sambirano No. 1 fine flavour cocoa

Discover the multifaceted character of this Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade

43% Venezuela


    Aragua region

    Ocumare fine flavour cocoa

Discover the multifaceted character of this Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade

47% Costa Rica

Costa Rica

    Turrialba region

    Trinitario Tsuru fine flavour cocoa

Discover the multifaceted character of this Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade

60% Peru


    Ucayali/Amazon source region

    Ucayali fine flavour cocoa

Discover the multifaceted character of this Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade

65% Grenada


    Saint David’s region

    Trinitario Caribe Superior fine flavour cocoa

Discover the multifaceted character of this Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade

70% Ecuador


    Rio Vinces river region

    Arriba Nacional fine flavour cocoa

Discover the multifaceted character of this Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade

75% Trinidad


    Montserrat Plateau

    Trinitario No. 1 fine flavour cocoa

Discover the multifaceted character of this Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade

80% Trinidad Selection

Trinidad Selection

    Gran Couva region

    Trinitario No. 1 fine flavour cocoa

Discover the multifaceted character of this Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade

Enjoying chocolate means so much more than just tasting it. Immerse yourself in a 360° experience and discover the true effect of chocolate, sense by sense.
Mr Hülter is in charge of product development and has been with the company since 1995

Fragrance, appearance, taste, snap and more ...

High-quality chocolate is easy to recognise. Objective criteria and subjective perception help in the exploration of its many subtleties, arousing all of our senses.

At first glance

The shape of the chocolate, its colour and above all, its sheen – an indisputable sign of quality – create an initial impression.

A fine structure

The surface of a high-quality chocolate is smooth and will not melt immediately in the fingers. When broken into pieces, the breaking point has a fine, smooth structure and is not ›grainy‹.

A real snap

A clear sign of quality is the sound chocolate makes when broken. The crisper the snap, the higher the pure cocoa and cocoa butter content.

With closed eyes

Smell the aromas, preferably in an environment where no other scents dominate. Fruity, flowery aromas, notes of caramel, nuts, berries and cocoa – which aromas can you make out?

With patience and calm

Let a piece melt on your tongue and observe how the aromas develop in stages. Take another piece. Some aromas take longer to unfold. Some are intense, whilst others are more subtle. Let this complex diversity sink in. When do the individual flavours appear? When do you notice hints of flowers, fruits, berries, spices or nuts? Do the caramel or vanilla aromas build to a climax? How mild, creamy or aromatic does the chocolate taste?

Correct tasting

When tasting ›Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade‹, you can focus on a few small details in order to intensify your perception of the aromas.

I always do tastings in the morning, when the day and sense of taste are still fresh. Even if it’s sometimes difficult, I don’t consume anything with a strong flavour beforehand, such as coffee.
Work with pleasure: tastings are an inherent part of everyday work for recipe developer Rudolf Hülter.

Chocolate tasting:
well prepared for a complete flavour experience

Treat yourself.

Choose a time for tasting that is right for you.

A neutral palate is important

since competing flavours such as cigarettes, alcohol, spicy, bitter or very sweet foods, oils or aromatic beverages like espresso affect the perception of finer nuances.

To neutralise the palate

still mineral water and white bread are a good choice.

Dominant room odours

such as cooking fumes, smoke or perfume, also interfere with the sensibility.

It is best to progress from light to dark

in accordance with the cocoa content. Start with milk chocolate and finish with fine dark chocolate.

It is a good idea to take short notes.

Comparing the flavour experience during tasting, and also contrasting it with past and future samples may present an interesting stimulus.

Chocolate meets ...?

Knowing the flavour diversity of Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade means being able to make the ideal choice when it comes to creating the perfect combination.


On its own or with contrasts

During chocolate tastings, the comparison of characteristic aromas stands at the forefront. Savouring a special moment with select Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade swirled with striking contrasts is pleasure at its finest. Coffee and wine are ideal companions for our chocolates, since variety, origin and processing methods play a decisive part in determining quality and flavour.

A fine-roasted, intensely fragrant espresso will perfectly accentuate the sweetness of the mild milk chocolate varieties.

For rich, aromatic dark varieties, dark and full-bodied red wines or dessert wines are a good choice. We recommend red Merlot grape varieties or port.

High-quality chocolate is stimulating and complex. Consciously discovering it and perceiving the gradual development of its aromas is a veritable lesson in taste – and practice makes perfect.
In both his day-to-day life and when tasting chocolates, Mr Hülter believes it is always worth focusing on nuances.

For body and mind

Chocolate is good for you and…


Certain activities, such as exercise, laughing, social contact or the consumption of specific foods like fine chocolate trigger the release of natural endorphins in the body, which reduce stress levels and promote a feeling of happiness.


The hormone serotonin, which is released in the brain when chocolate is consumed, acts as a bearer of good tidings. As levels of serotonin increase, we become more relaxed and our mood improves.


Chocolate contains magnesium and many trace elements required by the body to cope with higher levels of exertion. The famous chocolate cravings may sometimes point to a magnesium deficiency.


Cocoa beans contain more than 500 known ingredients, such as hugely beneficial antioxidants that boost our immune system and thus strengthen it in the long term.


Research has proven the effectiveness of ingredients in cocoa. Regular consumption of 20 to 30 grams of chocolate with a high cocoa content and active ingredients can help to lower total cholesterol levels.


Cocoa contains flavonoids – natural plant extracts and powerful antioxidants – that improve the elasticity of blood vessels, preventdeposits in arterial walls and thus lower blood pressure.


Mental exertion stimulates the appetite and the desire for a reward. The theobromine contained in cocoa stimulates brain activity, increasing concentration levels and the capacity of reaction.

Did you now?

Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade is…


Chocolate should always be stored in a cool, dark place. A constant temperature of between 12 and 18 degrees is ideal.



Dark, airtight, dry and cool.

The belief that the refrigerator is a good place to store chocolate is a common misconception! Refrigerators have high moisture levels due to condensation, which causes cane sugar to crystallise. Temperature variations also change the structure of cocoa butter. Various odours from other foods can be transferred to the chocolate. The flavour and appearance of chocolate suffer if stored in the fridge – it loses aromas and becomes white and rough.

How we make fine flavour cocoa into Plantagen-Schokolade


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