40 g stick Trinidad 80%

Trinidad 80%

Trinidad 80%

One of our classics: The dark fine cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Trinidad 80 %' with cocoa accentuated, nutty-fruity note and malty undertones.

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Fine flavour cocoa

In the year-round tropical climate of Trinidad, the southernmost Caribbean island, fine flavoured cocoa trees grow and thrive, giving our fine flavoured cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Trinidad 80%' a very special and intense aroma. The high-quality fine flavoured cocoa originating from there accounts for only 0.01% of the world's cocoa harvest and is thus a true rarity among cocoa varieties.

How Trinidad 80% tastes

- Slightly bitter
- Refreshingly fruity
- Delicate sweetness in the finish

Cocoa sensation denied to Columbus

Off the north coast of South America, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, cocoa plants thrive in the finest cocoa quality in the world.

The Trinitario bean has only been found in Trinidad for about 300 years. This is probably why Columbus named the island after its three distinctive mountain peaks - Spanish for Trinity - when he discovered it, rather than after the precious fruit.

Taste of the Caribbean

The Trinitario bean needs the unique tropical climate on the island of Trinidad. Year-round daytime temperatures of 30 °C, dense rainforest and the immediate vicinity of mango and citrus trees give the cocoa and thus our 'Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade Trinidad 80 %' a particularly mild, fruity aroma.

The austere, malty underlying cocoa note will flow towards you as soon as you open our plantation chocolate. The rich character of Trinidad fine flavoured cocoa is also reflected in the color of our chocolate products: A deep brown color makes the mouths of insatiable "chocoholics" water.

Slightly bitter and at the same time refreshingly fruity, with a delicate sweetness in the finish, the 'Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade Trinidad 80 %' makes itself felt on the palate. The unmistakable interplay of tropical climate, exposed location of the plantation as well as excellent soil conditions are the reason for the full-bodied taste of the fine cocoa from Trinidad.

"Tres" - the magic number, also in chocolate production.

Only on the forested Montserrat Plateau, a small part of Trinidad, do we find perfect conditions for Trinitario No. 1 fine flavoured cocoa. The fruit originating from there accounts for only 0.01% of the world's cocoa harvest - a true rarity.

Only fine cocoa and cane sugar - that's all it takes to turn the valuable raw material from the southernmost Caribbean island into an exclusive luxury food. At every stage of production, we have the best possible quality in mind:

The local partners in Gran Couva obtain cocoa fruit in sustainable cultivation, without middlemen, these arrive at our chocolate manufactory in Berlin. In line with the 'Direct Trade' approach, we do not leave the side of the cocoa bean from the plantation to the sale.

How to discover Trinidad for yourself

Fancy a culinary trip to Trinidad? Reach for the 'Rausch Plantagen-Schokolade Trinidad 80 %'. You can recognize it by its stimulating pink color.

1,9 X 22 X 1,4 CM

Fine cocoa beans from Trinidad, cocoa butter, cane sugar, low fat fine cocoa powder. Cocoa: 80% minimum.

Information for persons with allergies: May contain traces of NUTS and MILK.

Average per 100g


2424 KJ / 586 kcal


47,5 g

thereof saturated fats

28,8 g


23,7 g

of which sugar

17,2 g


9,5 g


0,02 g

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