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›Rausch Plantagen‹ wooden box dark

The high-quality wooden box is filled with 12 sticks of 5 varieties of dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen' and is the perfect gift for chocolate connoisseurs.

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Without alcohol
Direct Trade
Fine flavour cocoa
Kosher pareve

High-quality wooden box with 12 sticks of pure fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen'. It makes a wonderful decorative element for the home, in which you can store your supply of 'Rausch Plantagen' sticks before enjoying them in a beautiful moment.

The high-quality wooden box is guaranteed to be the perfect gift for true chocolate connoisseurs:

3 sticks of 'Rausch Plantagen Peru 60 %' - made from the best Ucayali fine flavour cocoa from the headwaters of the Amazon. Discover the distinctly fruity taste with subtle acidity and hints of vanilla.

3 sticks 'Rausch Plantagen Ecuador 70 %' - made from the best Arriba-Nacional fine flavour cocoa. Look out for the floral character with balanced acidity and the fruity nuances.

2 sticks 'Rausch Plantagen Costa Rica 75 %' - piece by piece a sensual experience. Let yourself be inspired by the balanced character with a slightly nutty, fruity-berry note and spicy hints.

3 sticks 'Rausch Plantagen Trinidad 80 %' - made from the best Trinitario No. 1 fine flavour cocoa. Enjoy the cocoa-accented, nutty-fruity note with malty undertones.

1 stick 'Rausch Plantagen Costa Rica 84 % Cuvée Prestige' - from the 9 best fine flavour cocoas from our own plantations. Let yourself be inspired by the intense cocoa flavour with a berry note.

Fine flavour cocoas make up only 5.5% of the world's cocoa harvest and have up to 400 flavours, which give each fine flavour cocoa chocolate from the 'Rausch Plantagen' a special and very individual note. Discovering their quality and characteristics and perceiving the phased development of the flavours appeals to all the senses, trains them and makes you want to try more variations.

20 X 12,5 X 2,8 CM

Fine flavour cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, low-fat cocoa powder. Costa Rica dark chocolate, cocoa: 84 % minimum. Trinidad dark chocolate, cocoa: 80 % minimum. Costa Rica dark chocolate, cocoa: 75% minimum. Ecuador dark chocolate, cocoa: 70 % minimum. Peru dark chocolate, cocoa: 60 % minimum.

Information for persons with allergies: May contain traces of MILK and NUTS. Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

Average per 100g


2396 KJ / 578 kcal


44,0 g

thereof saturated fats

26,7 g


31,5 g

of which sugar

25,7 g


8,2 g


0,01 g

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13 Mar 2023

Super lecker. Geht weg wie warme Semmel.

Super lecker. Geht weg wie warme Semmel.

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