Chocolate Jar

Chocolate Jar

Chocolate Jar

Decorative candy glas with 14 minis made of 8 types of milk and dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate. Whether as a gift or to enjoy with friends - suitable for all chocolate lovers.

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Without alcohol
Fine flavour cocoa

In this candy glas, discover the colourful variety of our eight fine flavour cocoa chocolates 'Rausch Plantagen':

Milk fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Grenada 39%' with a delicate, caramel note and a particularly full-bodied character.

Milk fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Venezuela 43 %' with a typical milk character and very rare Ocumare fine flavoured cocoa.

Milk fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Madagaskar 55 %' made from the best Sambirano No. 1 fine cocoa, full-bodied creamy with a berry note.

Dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Peru 60 %' with an emphatically fruity taste, subtle acidity and hints of vanilla.

Dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Ecuador 70 %', uncompromisingly tart and refreshingly fruity at the same time.

Dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Costa Rica 75 %', balanced, slightly nutty, with a fruity-berry note and spicy hints.

Dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Trinidad 80 %' with a cocoa accent, nutty-fruity note and malty undertones.

Dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Costa Rica 84 % Cuvée Prestige' made from the 9 best fine cocoas from Rausch's own plantation.

The candy glas contains minis of our fine flavour cocoa chocolates. For each one we use 100 percent pure fine flavour cocoa, which we obtain exclusively from plantations near the equator.

The Mini 'Bonboniere' is perfect as a gift and for enjoying with friends and is the ideal size to find out your own favourite variety from our 8 'Rausch Plantagen'.

8,0 X 13,0 X 8,0

Fine flavour cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, low-fat cocoa powder, WHOLE MILK POWDER, CREAM POWDER. Costa Rica fine dark chocolate, cocoa: 84 % minimum. Trinidad dark chocolate, cocoa: 80 % minimum. Costa Rica Dark chocolate, cocoa: 75% minimum. Ecuador Dark chocolate, cocoa: 70% minimum. Peru, fine dark chocolate, cocoa: 60 % minimum. Madagascar fine milk chocolate, cocoa: 55 % minimum. Venezuela Fine Milk Chocolate, cocoa: 43 % minimum. Grenada Fine milk chocolate, cocoa: 39 % minimum.

Information for persons with allergies: May contain traces of NUTS. Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

Average per 100g


2418 KJ / 583 kcal


43,1 g

thereof saturated fats

26,2 g


36,3 g

of which sugar

31,3 g


8,1 g


0,08 g

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