Klassiker Pralinen

Klassiker Pralinen

'Klassiker Pralinen' are fine chocolates developed in the 1920s by Wilhelm Rausch jun. and are made in Berlin today as they were then. Enjoy the incomparable characteristics of pure nougat, fine marzipan and milk and dark fine flavour cocoa and white chocolate.

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Art.-No.: 8011115

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With alcohol
Fine flavour cocoa

Our 'Klassiker Pralinen' have been around since the 1920s and are still made in Berlin.

Noble packaging made of natural paper with a golden pattern in the art deco style of the 20s.

The elegantly designed box of chocolates in art deco style reflects the lifestyle of the golden 20s and creates moments of anticipation as soon as you open it.

Since 1918, it has been our vision to produce the finest pralines and truffles as well as the best chocolates with passion. Pralines are considered the crowning glory of the art of chocolate - in every praline there are careful approaches, bold advances, genuine craftsmanship, original artistry and great attention to detail.


Look forward to the 'Klassiker Pralinen', made from exquisite ingredients and the best quality:

'Mozartpraline': layered with fine pistachio marzipan and almond nougat in dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate.
Coffee caramel': Fine melting almond nougat refined with caramel and coffee, in milk fine flavour cocoa chocolate and white chocolate.
Champagne Truffle': Fine truffle, flavoured with Marc de Champagne, in white chocolate, refined with gold dust
'Raspberry Marzipan': Fine marzipan with fine raspberry pieces, in white chocolate
Rum Sultana': Sultanas marinated in rum and refined with fine marzipan, in dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate
Layered nougat': Hand-layered almond and nut nougat.

20,5 X 14,5 X 3,5

Sugar, cocoa butter, ALMONDS, cane sugar, WHOLE MILK POWDER, fine flavour cocoa beans, invert sugar syrup, HAZELNUTS, BUTTER, CLARIFIED BUTTER, water, sultanas, Marc de Champagne, PISTAZIA, rum, raspberry fruit powder, maltodextrin, roasted coffee, sunflower oil, raspberry, MILK POWDER, SWEET MILK POWDER, emulsifiers: SOYA and sunflower lecithins, natural vanilla flavouring, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavouring, glazing agent: shellac, colouring agents (gold, iron oxide, titanium dioxide). Grenada fine milk chocolate, cocoa: 39% minimum. Peru fine dark chocolate, cocoa: 60 % minimum.

Information for persons with allergies: May contain traces of other NUTS, GLUTEN and SESAME. Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

Average per 100g


2311 KJ / 555 kcal


40,9 g

thereof saturated fats

17,0 g


44,9 g

of which sugar

42,8 g


6,7 g


0,09 g

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