Premium pralines box Premium pralines box

Premium pralines box

For our 'Premium Box' we have put together a selection of 80 masterly classic chocolates for you - enjoy the incomparable characteristics and exciting variations.

Because fine chocolate creations don't last forever - due to a shorter expiry date (22.06.2022) we have temporarily reduced the Premium Box Pink for you.

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Content: 920 g | €147.90 * per 1 kg |

Art.-No.: 8311096

  • 8311096
With alcohol
Fine flavour cocoa

With our carefully selected chocolates, we at Rausch combine traditional craftsmanship, exquisite ingredients and classic recipes to create a very special treat. Lovingly created by chocolatiers with a great deal of experience, each of the little masterpieces is made by hand and decorated in great detail.

The finest ingredients, such as high-quality bean coffee and caramelised macadamia nuts, ensure a delicious variety. The elegantly designed box in the colours velvet blue, velvet red, pink or blue is a source of joy as soon as it is opened. Here, craftsmanship is celebrated and value is placed on a sensual enjoyment experience.

With candied fruit, marzipan or nougat and exclusively packaged, the chocolates embellish every festive table and invite you to enjoy them. The carefully selected chocolates are guaranteed to meet every taste in their variety and are particularly suitable as a selected gift for a very special person. Or treat yourself personally to a little time out from everyday life with our masterly chocolates. This way you can relax with pleasure.

Dig in and let our chocolates sweep you away to sensual moments:

'Golden Nut': Brandy marzipan on half a walnut, coated in dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate.

'Fine marzipan': Fine marzipan in dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate.

'Orange marzipan': Fruity orange marzipan coated in dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate.

'Fine marzipan nut': Irresistible combination of fine marzipan and half a walnut,dipped in fine milk chocolate.

'Puffed brittle': Handmade puffed brittle, coated in fine milk chocolate.

'Nut Nougat': Finest nut nougat in dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate.

'Champagne Truffle': Fine Champagne truffle cream in white chocolate.

'Nougat floret': Drizzled cream nougat on fine milk chocolate.

'Coffee Marzipan': Aromatic coffee marzipan coated in fine milk chocolate.

'Florentino': Almond brittle on nut nougat, dipped in fine milk chocolate.

'Cream Nougat': The finest cream nougat, coated in dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate.

'Cream Truffle': Grand Marnier truffle cream in fine milk chocolate.

'Raspberry truffle': Drizzled raspberry truffle cream, coated in fine milk chocolate.

'Vanilla truffle': Vanilla butterceme with fine milk and white chocolate, covered in fine dark chocolate. 

'Mozartpraline': Noble pistachio marzipan and nut nougat layered in dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate.

'Raspberry Marzipan': Fine marzipan with fine raspberry pieces, coated in white chocolate.

'Layered nougat': Hand-layered almond and nut nougat.

'Rum Sultana': Sultanas preserved in rum, refined with fine marzipan and coated in dark fine flavour cocoa chocolate.

'Pistachio Truffle': Finest butter truffle cream, refined with salted pistachios and covered in white chocolate.

'Coffee Espresso': Creamy butter truffle cream, combined with high-quality bean coffee and rolled in dark chocolate.


Sugar, ALMOND, cocoa butter, fine cocoa beans, HASHEL NUTS, WHOLE MILK POWDER, invert sugar syrup, BUTTER, BUTTER CREAM, WALNUTS, raisins, bitter orange spirit, orange peel, CREAM POWDER, brandy, Marc de Champagne, PISTACHIOS, rum, roasted coffee, glucose-fructose syrup, coffee beans, glucose syrup, CONDENSED MILK, emulsifiers: Lecithins (SOJA), mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; coffee powder, raspberry fruit powder, maltodextrin, humectant: Sorbitol syrup; natural vanilla flavor, raspberries, acidifier: citric acid; vegetable fats (palm, sunflower), glazing agent: shellac; coloring food: spinach powder, carrot concentrate, paprika extract; raspberry pulp, natural flavor, orange juice concentrate, starch, elderberry extract, colorants: iron oxide, gold. Dark chocolate Ecuador, cocoa: 70% minimum. Dark chocolate Peru, cocoa: 60% minimum. Fine milk chocolate Venezuela, cocoa: 43% minimum. Grenada fine milk chocolate, cocoa: 39% minimum

Information for persons with allergies: May contain traces of other SHELL FRUITS, GLUTEN, SESAME and EGG.

Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

Average per 100g


2304 KJ / 554 kcal


37,5 g

thereof saturated fats

15,8 g


43,5 g

of which sugar

41,8 g


7,1 g


0,07 g

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