Helle & Dunkle Helle und Dunkle Pralinen

Helle und Dunkle Pralinen

›Helle und dunkle Pralinen‹ are a selection of classic pralines made of dark and whole milk chocolate filled with fine nougat or ganache

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With alcohol

Whether you want to surprise friends, relatives or colleagues with a gift, our 'Light and Dark Chocolates' are a first-class choice for any occasion.

The casket impresses with its high-quality workmanship and avant-garde design. The Art Deco elements leave a lasting impression at first glance and give you an idea of the fine creations that await you.

Our chocolatiers meet the taste of every chocolate lover with this assortment of exquisite chocolates. High-quality ingredients such as fine marzipan, delicate nougat and fluffy truffle cream guarantee special taste experiences that will give you pleasure again with every moment of enjoyment.

With the 'Selection hell & dunkel' gift box, Rausch combines traditional craftsmanship, exquisite ingredients and classic recipes to create a very special kind of enjoyment experience.

Every step, from the recipe to the end result, is meticulously detailed by hand with the highest quality.


Our ›Helle und Dunkle Pralinen‹ delights with six sophisticated creations:

›Raspberry Crisp Nougat‹: duet of delicate crisp nougat and dark raspberry canache, covered in milk chocolate coating and sprinkled with dried raspberry pieces.
›Pistachio praline‹: fine marzipan refined with pistachios and original Black Forest kirsch, coated in dark chocolate.
›Poppy seed marzipan‹: Fine marzipan with poppy seeds, refined with cognac and amaretto, in a coating of dark chocolate, sprinkled with poppy seeds.
›Black Forest Cherry‹: layers of dark chocolate, cherry fruit pulp and cream refined with kirsch, covered in white chocolate coating.
›Coffee nougat‹: Dark nut nougat with mocha and light nut nougat with coffee bean pieces in two layers in a whole milk pot, garnished with white chocolate coating and coffee bean.
›Tiramisu‹: Delicate butter truffle cream, refined with high-quality coffee and brandy, covered in dark chocolate.

20,5 X 14,5 X 3,5 cm

Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, ALMOND, WHOLE MILK POWDER, glucose fructose syrup, HAZEL NUTS, BUTTER, sour cherry pulp, invert sugar syrup, CONDENSED MILK, kirsch, MANDELLICOER, PISTAZIA, ground coffee, WHEAT FLOUR, blue poppy seed, brandy, raspberry brandy, low-fat cocoa powder, cognac, emulsifier: Lecithins (SOYA); raspberry puree, cherry juice, soluble bean coffee, vegetable fat (sunflower, rapeseed, palm, coconut), raspberries freeze-dried, alcohol, rose extract, BUTTER CREAM, natural vanilla flavor, gelling agents: Pectins, sodium alginate; MILK POWDER, MILK SUGAR, vanilla extract, ground vanilla beans, lemon juice, MILK WHITE, salt, fortified wine, natural flavors, acidulant: Citric acid; dextrose, MALT EXTRACT (BARLEY), YEAST POWDER, glazing agent: gum arabic; flavors, BUTTER FAT, humectant: invertase; colorants: paprika extract, true carmine.

Information for persons with allergies: May contain traces of other NUTS.

Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

Average per 100g


2126 KJ / 508 kcal


31,0 g

thereof saturated fats

15,0 g


49,0 g

of which sugar

45,0 g


5,7 g


0,08 g

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Customer evaluation for "Helle und Dunkle Pralinen"
29 Jan 2023

Pralinen zum Genießen. Danke dafür.

Pralinen zum Genießen. Danke dafür.

31 Dec 2022

Einfach lecker

Einfach lecker

27 Dec 2022

Die Qualität ist super

Die Qualität ist super

18 Oct 2022

super lecker ...sehr zu empfehlen!

super lecker ...sehr zu empfehlen!

29 Aug 2022

Ein Traum, werd ich öfters bestellen ?

Ein Traum, werd ich öfters bestellen ?

10 May 2022

Feine Schockolade. Schmeckt super gut. Leider zu

Feine Schockolade. Schmeckt super gut. Leider zu schnell weg Packung zu klein

5 Apr 2022

Sehr hochwertig verarbeitet und verdammt lecker.

Sehr hochwertig verarbeitet und verdammt lecker.

2 Mar 2022

super lecker und schnelle Lieferung

super lecker und schnelle Lieferung

1 Mar 2022

Besser geht nicht

Besser geht nicht

23 Feb 2022

Ganz oaky, nichts Außergewöhnliches.

Ganz oaky, nichts Außergewöhnliches.

19 Jan 2022

Jede einzelne Praline geschmachklich sehr gut.

Jede einzelne Praline geschmachklich sehr gut.

14 Jan 2022

Super lecker ? Ideales Geschenk

Super lecker ?
Ideales Geschenk

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