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›Trüffel‹ are fine rolled praline creations that invite you to discover six different flavours of milk and dark fine flavour cocoa and white chocolate.

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  • 8011234
With alcohol
Fine flavour cocoa

The ›Trüffel‹ praline mix does not contain – as one might suspect – truffle mushrooms. The ›Trüffel‹, also called 'chocolate truffles', owe their name to the external resemblance to the precious mushrooms, because the truffles are rolled on a grid with a praline fork.

The ›Trüffe‹l benefit from our history of over a hundred years in the creation of classic pralines. Made from the finest butter and cream truffle cream, the truffles promise unique moments of pleasure and meet the high expectations of every truffle lover. The noble truffle mix is therefore the perfect choice for every occasion.

The experience begins with our noble packaging made of natural paper with a circular pattern – because in our opinion, enjoyment should begin with the unpacking. Pralines are considered the crowning glory of the art of chocolate – in every praline there are careful approaches, bold advances, genuine craftsmanship, original artistry and great attention to detail.

Six flavourful highlights await you in the ›Trüffel‹ praline mix:

›Champagne truffle‹: Fine truffle, flavoured with Marc de Champagne, in white chocolate, refined with gold dust.
›Pistachio Truffle‹: Delicate butter truffle cream, refined with salted pistachios and covered in white chocolate.
›Passion fruit truffle‹: Delicate butter truffle cream refined with passion fruit, covered in fine milk and white chocolate.
›Salted caramel truffle‹: Delicate butter truffle cream refined with caramel and sea salt, covered in fine milk chocolate and decorated with sea salt flakes.
›Strawberry Truffle‹: Delicate butter truffle cream refined with strawberry and yoghurt, covered in dark chocolate and decorated with strawberry pieces.
›Kir Royal Truffle: Delicate butter truffle cream refined with Marc de Champagne and cassis, covered in white and pink chocolate.

20,5 X 14,5 X 3,5 cm

Sugar, cocoa butter, BUTTER, WHOLE MILK POWDER, invert sugar syrup, cocoa mass, BUTTER CREAM, Marc de Champagne, humectant: Sorbitol syrup; glucose syrup, almonds, fructose syrup, caramelised sugar, PISTAZIA, CONDENSED MILK, strawberries, CREAM, sea salt, natural flavouring, MILK POWDER, emulsifier: lecithin (SOYA); fruit juice concentrate: (passion fruit, red berries, strawberry); vegetable fats: (ALMOND, sunflower); flavour, natural vanilla flavour, colouring food: (spinach powder, beetroot, paprika extract, ); gelling agent: pectins; acidifier: citric acid; YOGHURT POWDER (MILK, cultures); starch, concentrates: (carrot, black carrot); maltodextrin, blackcurrants, colour: gold, thickener: modified starch. Peru Fine dark chocolate, cocoa: minimum 60 %. Venezuela Fine milk chocolate, cocoa: minimum 43 %.

Information for persons with allergies: May contain traces of NUTS, GLUTEN, SESAME and EGG.

Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

Average per 100g


2404 KJ / 578 kcal


41,8 g

thereof saturated fats

25,2 g


43,8 g

of which sugar

41,3 g


4,6 g


0,32 g

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3 Jan 2022

Gute Auswahl, frisch und knackig, mein Favorit

Gute Auswahl, frisch und knackig, mein Favorit ist Saöted Caramel.

9 Dec 2021

Sehr gute Auswahl und tolle Verpackung.

Sehr gute Auswahl und tolle Verpackung.

8 Dec 2021

war nicht mein Geschmack

war nicht mein Geschmack

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