Ecuador 70% Stick Ecuador 70% Stick

Ecuador 70% Stick

Ecuador 70% Stick

One of our classics: the fine flavour cocoa chocolate 'Rausch Plantagen Ecuador 70 %' made from the best Arriba-Nacional fine flavour cocoa chocolate.

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Without alcohol
Direct Trade
Fine flavour cocoa
Kosher pareve

A gift from the 'Land of the Equator'

In Ecuador, the geographical location determines the identity of the country - and its fine cocoa. In the middle of the world, directly on the equator, the sun reaches its highest possible point.

The equatorial line passing through the country influences climate and nature in such a way that Ecuador is considered the most biodiverse country on earth. We have captured the incomparable diversity in the taste of our fine flavour cocoa chocolate in the 'Rausch Plantagen Ecuador 70 %'.


Ecuador is diverse - also in taste

Although Ecuador is the world's largest fine flavour cocoa chocolate growing area, only a few parts of the country still produce the highly aromatic Arriba Nacional fine flavour cocoa chocolate. 'Arriba', that means upriver. The cocoa beans, which give our 'Plantagen-Schokolade' its distinctive character, come from the regions situated along rivers.

Tangy, sour, fruity, nutty, bitter, flowery and chocolaty - all this applies to Ecuadorian fine flavour cocoa chocolate. Don't you think so? Try the 'Rausch Plantagen Ecuador 70 %' and convince yourself of one of our most varied fine flavour cocoa chocolates.

The flowery-fruity cocoa note will be the first thing you notice in the smell and taste of Ecuadorian cocoa. Due to its location, Ecuador enjoys great light intensity. In combination with a tropical climate all year round, this prepares the ground for the most exquisite fruits and plants.

Uncompromisingly tangy and refreshingly fruity at the same time - Arriba-National fine flavour cocoa chocolate is as unique as Ecuador itself.

From the centre of the world directly to Berlin

In the province of Guayas on the Pacific coast of Ecuador, the Unocace cooperative cultivates our fine flavour cocoa chocolate plantation, which produces fine fine flavour cocoa chocolate with an intense aroma. This special fine flavour cocoa chocolate makes up only 2,6 % of the world cocoa harvest.

On the banks of the Rio Vinces, more than 700 small farmers keep the last Arriba-Nacional fine flavour cocoa chocolates of the country. Through our close partnership, we have been able to combine elements of agriculture with those of forestry and thus support organic farming in a sustainable manner.

Welcome to your Ecuadorian pleasure trip

You can enjoy the precious fine flavour cocoa chocolate from Ecuador all around. Experience the optical brilliance, flowery scent and fruity taste nuances in all its richness.  

The typical Ecuadorian capuchin monkey indicates its country of origin and shows them the way to the 'Plantagen-Schokolade' from Ecuador.

1,9 X 22 X 1,4 CM

Fine flavour cocoa beans from Ecuador, cane sugar, cocoa butter. Cocoa: 70% minimum.

Information for persons with allergies: May contain traces of MILK and NUTS. Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

Average per 100g


2426 KJ / 585 kcal


44,2 g

thereof saturated fats

26,9 g


34,2 g

of which sugar

28,0 g


7,6 g


<0,01 g

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Customer evaluation for "Ecuador 70% Stick"
5 Sep 2022

Wie immer ein Gaumenschmaus

Wie immer ein Gaumenschmaus

20 Mar 2022

Herrlich feiner Schokoladengeschmack, der immer erfreut.

Herrlich feiner Schokoladengeschmack, der immer erfreut.

1 Feb 2022

Alle Schokoladen-Sorten sind sehr lecker. Immer ein

Alle Schokoladen-Sorten sind sehr lecker. Immer ein tolles Mitbringsel für jeden Schokoladenliebhaber.

24 Jan 2022

Einfach gut!

Einfach gut!

23 Jan 2022

Gut !

Gut !

13 Nov 2021



2 Nov 2021

Gut wie immer!

Gut wie immer!

26 Sep 2021

Das beste was es gibt

Das beste was es gibt

27 Jun 2021

Alle Sorten erfüllen unsere Erwartungen

Alle Sorten erfüllen unsere Erwartungen

2 Dec 2020

sehr gute Qualität. Es macht große Freude

sehr gute Qualität. Es macht große Freude diese Schokolade zu genießen.

26 Oct 2020

gerade noch als Bitterschokolade erkennbar, weil weich

gerade noch als Bitterschokolade erkennbar, weil weich und zart, gut erträglich für Menschen, die sonst keine Zartbitter mögen

28 Aug 2019

Der Schokoladengeschmack

20 May 2019

Es gibt nichts Vergleichbares

29 Jan 2019

Diese Schokolade wird besonder gern als heiße Schokolade in unserem Café bestellt.(Erlebnisgastronomie)

7 Dec 2018

Hervirragende dunkle Schokolade

7 Dec 2018

Die beste Schokolade - super

7 Dec 2018

Schokolade ist super lecker

7 Dec 2018

Sehr ausgewogener Geschmack - nicht zu bitter, nicht zu süß.

22 Oct 2018

Eine sehr leckere Schokolade, die auf der Zunge vergeht. Sehr empfehlenswert.

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