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Juicy Cacao

Experience this special collaboration between Rausch and Pacha de Cacao, in which the cocoa fruit is presented in a completely unexpected way. A unique and fruity juice from the pulp!

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The processing of the cocoa fruit is usually limited to the cocoa beans. However, the pulp is full of valuable ingredients and has the potential to create a completely new taste experience as the main ingredient.

Juicy Cacao is a natural and refreshing juice made from the cocoa pulp, which is rich in nutrients and vitamins. The taste of the pulp is unique and reminiscent of fruits such as pineapple, lychee, lime and honey - all packed into a healthy juice. Discover the taste explosion of fresh and fruity flavors now.

Pacha is a socially committed company that fights food waste and supports South American cocoa plantations. Experience this cooperation between Rausch and Pacha, in which the versatile cocoa fruit plays the leading role.


The cocoa fruit juice is made exclusively from natural ingredients. The pulp already has a certain sweetness, which is why Juicy Cacao contains no added sugar or other sweeteners. The juice is also suitable for allergy sufferers or vegans, as it is made from just two ingredients: The pulp and water. A healthy refreshing drink that you can enjoy carefree and without a guilty conscience!


Not just a refreshing drink that you can enjoy carefree - Juicy Cacao is also a superfood! Our cocoa juice is rich in vitamin B1, which is particularly important for our body's energy metabolism. So if you want to do something good for yourself and your body, you should definitely grab a bottle of this special juice.


A fruity, fresh drink made from the pulp of the cocoa fruit - that's something special and something new for many people. Unadulterated flavors make Juicy Cacao a unique taste experience that will pleasantly surprise you. Discover this new adventure for yourself and let yourself be carried away!


Until now, the pulp of the cocoa fruit had no further use in processing. But those days are over now! Finally, there is a great way to process the pulp too - and on a large scale. We have succeeded in creating a little-known and unique product that makes the cocoa fruit even more profitable! Just like our fine flavor cocoa, the pulp comes directly from Ecuador and gives the juice its tropical character.

21 X 5,4 X 5,4 CM

61 % juice from the pulp of the cocoa plant (Theobroma Cacao L.), water.

Information for persons with allergies: Protect from heat and store in a dark place. Consume quickly after opening.

Average per 100g


186 KJ / 44 kcal


10,8 g

of which sugar

8,5 g

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Customer evaluation for "Juicy Cacao"
20 Jun 2024

Eine absolute Überraschung. Ich habe mit meiner

Eine absolute Überraschung. Ich habe mit meiner Schwester probiert und wir waren beide total überrascht. Fruchtig und unwahrscheinlich lecker. Dabei süß aber nicht zu viel. Eine Geschmackserfahrung. Werde ich wieder bestellen. in jedem Fall!!!

13 Jun 2024

Raffiniert, was unsere Welt so alles zu

Raffiniert, was unsere Welt so alles zu bieten hat!

13 Jun 2024

Leicht, lecker, erfrischend! Jederzeit! Weckt die Lust

Leicht, lecker, erfrischend! Jederzeit! Weckt die Lust auf Meer, ahem, mehr.. Sehr, sehr fein!

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