Nougat-Likör nougat liqueur 350ml

Rausch edler Nougat-Likör Kristallklar

nougat liqueur 350ml

Unique nougat liqueur. Mild sweetness and delicate roasted aromas of exquisite nougat merge and result in a pleasantly nutty note.

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Art.-No.: 8000648

  • 8000648
With alcohol

Nut nougat in liqueur format! For all nougat fans, this sweet and nutty delicacy is now also available in liquid form. Perfect for anyone who craves the finest roasted flavors and a hint of sweetness.

The finest nougat flavors

Nougat is a delicious sweet made from roasted nuts, usually hazelnuts, and sugar. This mixture is processed into a solid mass and can be flavored with cocoa or honey, depending on the variant. The result is a delicate confectionery mass with a rich nutty taste and a pleasant sweetness. Nougat is used in a variety of applications, from fillings in pralines and chocolates to desserts and pastries. It is a popular ingredient in many confectionery products and is appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide..

Experience this poem of the finest roasted aromas of exquisite hazelnuts and a pleasant sweetness for yourself! Ideal as a gift or to try for yourself. 17% vol.

What are liqueurs

Liqueur is a delicious spirit that is created by combining alcohol with various flavors, such as fruits, herbs or spices. This special combination gives the liqueur its characteristic taste and pleasant sweetness. Thanks to the diverse range of flavors, there are liqueurs for every taste: from fruity and refreshing to spicy and creamy. They are particularly suitable for enjoying special moments or for encouraging conviviality.

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9 May 2024

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